About Us

Australian Arrow Boards is a provider of auto-electrical and emergency lighting products in association with Roadrunner Parts. The flagship product is a high-quality, lightweight, flashing arrow board for traffic control, built to the Australian standard AS4192/2006. The company’s clients include government departments, local councils, blue-chip organisations (fleet customers), and small fleet customers.

Strong ethics and customer-service focus are hallmarks of the company, whereby we identify customer needs and provide quality solutions. We have a reputation for being able to find a solution when a solution is hard to find. We partner with our customers and develop long-term client relationships – an approach that is fostered with all staff.

The company’s philosophy is that good quality costs less in the long term. To this end, we provide only high-quality products with low service and maintenance requirements. We supply technical and product support by means of fast turnaround with the aim of getting the customer back at work as soon as possible.

Our goals include increased range of manufactured and imported products, accelerated business growth, and high product quality that is demonstrated in low product returns and low warranty claims.

Quality is at the forefront of our business dealings, and in support of our goals Australian Arrow Boards is developing and implementing a quality management system that complies with the ANS/NZ ISO 9001:2015 standard.


Roadrunner’s management is committed to:

  • operating and continually improving our quality management system

  • identifying, meeting and exceeding the changing needs and expectations of our customers

  • providing an employment environment where continuous improvement is encouraged

  • training all staff to act in accordance with the requirements of our quality management system.

  • This quality policy is a live document, and is reviewed at regular management review meetings to maintain its suitability and effectiveness.


Ian J. Bateman
Managing Director