Arrow Boards


We have designed and developed our range of Flashing Arrow Boards to be the best in their class. 


Not only have our A and B sized boards been built to conform to the NSW RMS FAS5 standards, they have also been tested by the RMS and certified to their FAS5 standards.

Before making a decision on your choice of an Arrow Board, ask if it has undergone rigorous testing and been properly certified to one of the available certifications.




RMS FAS5 Certified

Our A and B size Arrow Board panels have been tested and approved to NSW RMS Specification FAS/5.


The Testing

Australian Arrow Boards have been designed and built to fully comply with Australian Standards AS4192:2015 Australian Arrow Boards have undergone rigorous testing to back this up, including:

  • Wind Rating Test
  • EMC Test
  • IP65 Test on LED Light assembly
  • LED Light output test
  • Environmental Tests – including; temperature test range from -20 to +60deg.C and IP45 test on the sign board
  • Testing by the N.S.W. Roads and Maritime Services
  • The A and B Boards as a result of the above are N.S.W. RMS FAS5 Type Approved
  • A Board Certificate No. 1005-FAS5-0-1A
  • B Board Certificate No. 1005-FAS5-0-1B
  • Their is no currently no NSW RMS certification for C sized Boards. However, we have built them to our excellent standards of our A and B sized boards.

In developing this range of boards, we used our experience from our previous class leading Incandescent Light Arrow Boards and customer feedback, to develop what we consider to be the best featured unit in the marketplace.




  • Warranty – 5 years on LEDs, 2 years on all other components.
  • Small switch panel
    • Single Switch Panel
    • Double Switch Panel
    • Beacon switch included on switch panel
    • Arrow display on switch panel
  • Built in fault warnings, including:
    • Lamp failure
    • Tilt mechanism failure
    • Voltage too high or low
  • Auto Dimming
  • Sign board case constructed from 2mm Aluminium, reducing weight and providing long life
  • All Boards have 2 internal braces, providing strength and ensuring all internal cables are supported and secured
  • Easy wiring, all boards have a ‘Fly Lead’ cable with 4 Deutsch Plugs
    • Actuator for tilt assembly – Just plug in
    • Control Cable from Sign to Switch Panel – Just plug in
    • Power Lead, connect to power supply then, just plug in
    • Beacons – Deutsch plug, pins and instructions to connect beacon wires and then – just plug in
  • Sign Board Case has 5 x 8mm inserts on each side for easy mounting – Stainless Bolts Supplied
  • Tilt Mount rack option, complete with Gas Strut on one side
  • Electric actuator option
  • Vertical lift rack option





When you order an ‘Australian Arrow Board’ it comes complete with:

  • Sign Board
  • Switch Panel
  • Switch Panel Pedestal Bracket
  • Fuse Box complete with Arrow Board and beacon circuit Fuses
  • Control cable 15M
  • Power cable 10M
  • Mounting bolts x 10



Flash Patterns

Flashing Arrow Left  Flashing Double Arrows Hazard / Caution (Alternates) Flashing Arrow Right



A Board - 13 Lamp

Part No. Description Voltage Max Current Draw (Amps) Weight (kg)
AAB-AB Single sided board, controller & harnesses 12* 2.1 16.6
AAB-AB-DBL Double sided board, controller & harnesses 12* 4.2 18.7


B Board - 15 Lamp


Part No. Description Voltage Max Current Draw (Amps) Weight (kg)
AAB-BB Single sided board, controller & harnesses 12* 2.5 21.6
AAB-BB-DBL Double sided board, controller & harnesses 12* 5.0 25.3


C Board - 15/17 Lamp

Part No. Description Voltage Max Current Draw (Amps) Weight (kg)
AAB-CB Single sided board, controller & harnesses 12* 2.5 55



Australian Arrow Boards User Manual Australian Arrow Boards Fitting Instructions



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