Arrow Stick





Our Arrow-Stick is the solution when you want a directional indicator and space is a premium. Only measuring L-1070mm x H-70mm with 8 High Intensity LED Modules, 12/24V operation with a low current draw of 1.2A.

The unit has 5 flash patterns; Left, Right, Centre Out and 2 x Alternating Flash patterns. Coupled with the flash patterns is the option of 2 modes;

  • Stepping – Each LED module, illuminates then extinguishes as the next one illuminates.
  • Sequential - The first LED Module in the selected pattern illuminates and remain ON, the next does the same and continues until the last LED in the selected pattern. The last LED module then flashes twice to indicate the direction.

The switch panel features a rotary selection switch, and a display to show what pattern and mode the Arrow-Stick is displaying.

Note: There is no applicable Australian Standard or approvals for this product.