Small Arrow

Our AAB-40 is the solution when a small sized arrow at an economical price is required. This unit benefits from the technology used in our full sized Flashing Arrow Signs. The same switch panel and main control unit is utilised.

The AAB-40 is a compact unit with a length of 1200mm with the height of 450mm across the head of the arrow.





  • Small switch panel
  • Beacon switch included on switch panel
  • Arrow display on switch panel
  • Built in fault warnings, including:
    • Lamp failure
    • Voltage too high or low
  • Auto Dimming
  • Sign board case constructed from 2mm Aluminium, reducing weight and providing long life
  • Rear panel covers the horizontal lights, providing a housing for the controls and wiring, and ensuring a tidy look from the rear
  • The cover allows multiple fitting options for installing the unit
  • Easy wiring, all boards have a ‘Fly Lead’ cable with 3 Deutsch Plugs
    • Control Cable from Sign to Switch Panel – Just plugs in
    • Power Lead, connect to power supply then, just plug in
    • Beacons – Deutsch plug, pins and instructions to connect beacon wires and then – just plug in.


When you order an Australian Arrow Board AAB40 it comes complete with:

  • Sign Board
  • Switch Panel
  • Switch Panel Pedestal Bracket
  • Fuse Box complete with Arrow Board and Beacon circuit Fuses
  • Control Cable 10M
  • Power Cable 10M
      Note: There is NO applicable Australian Standard or approvals for this product.




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